Radioactive Budget

Thirty years ago, Fairfield County started receiving money from the V.C. Summer Nuclear Power Plant. All of the Fairfield County Councils and Administrators from the inception of receiving this money have hidden their spending of these funds by not using them in our Fairfield County budgets. The budgets are fixed by the County Administrator and County Council each year and the taxpayers have been taxed fully for the county expenditures to equal the budget. If the money from V.C. Summer had been added to our budget, our millage rate would be less than half what it is now. Where was all of this money spent out of the budget? From 2004 to 2012 (nine years) $76,402,953.73 has been spent out of the budget – money they have not accounted for.

Low morals, unnecessary spending and greed have gripped our county.

J.R. Douglas


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