‘Y’ Not?

James Denton’s editorial “Fences to Mend” in the The Independent Voice on July 26 was right on!

Representative MaryGail Douglas’ letter in the newspapers regarding using the “gift of $500,000 to each council district for recreation” to develop a YMCA in Fairfield County was a breath of fresh air! Please let recreational professionals use those funds!

The YMCA is a values-based, character-building, nonprofit membership organization that plays a vital role in contributing to the community. Their values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility are in everything they do.

A fond memory of growing up in Spartanburg County was “Y” membership. Each summer I participated in the “Y” sponsored summer camp, Camp Skyuka, took classes for lifesaving certification and earned Girl Scout badges in various classes.

Our community has seen declines in manufacturing jobs, has a higher than national average of seniors making up our population and faces various chronic health diseases and childhood obesity. All people are welcome to participate in YMCA programs and use facilities as members, regardless of race, ability, religion, gender, national origin or income. Everyone belongs at the Y. No family is denied services due to income through income based membership fees and scholarships.

Call your County representative and ask that they “do the right thing.” Combine the funds from all seven districts and get the YMCA in Fairfield County.

Brenda Miller


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