An Open Letter to Fairfield County Council

As a taxpaying citizen of Fairfield County, I find it inconceivable County Council chose to amend bylaws and not address the continued absence of the Councilman from District 3. It’s understood this issue would have to pass through the court and we, the taxpayers, would pay the tab, but to sit there and ignore the situation after hearing citizens’ outcries is beyond comprehension. When a citizen speaks to this issue, each of you sits in your ‘mightier than thou’ seats (seats that WE placed you in) and acts indifferent. Has any one of you, or the entire group, ever even approached the Councilman from District 3 and admonished him for his behavior? He absolutely knew, when scheduling his courses, than it would present a conflict with his elected duties. Shame on you, shame on each and every one of you.

And to the mighty Mr. Chairman, you previously touted how diligently Council works to bring new business into Fairfield County and to point out how ‘adverse’ publicity retracts from our county’s reputation. Do you think defending an Administrator looking at porn on his County owned computer puts this council in a shiny bright light? And you actually seemed proud, Mr. Chairman, to announce that this same administrator was not found guilty of any criminal wrongdoing. Did you want to reinstate him so the underhanded wrongdoings could continue?

 Speaking further to the ‘adverse’ publicity, if this Council had been acting in an upright, straightforward manner, using the taxpayers’ monies in a prudent, transparent way, it’s almost a given that taxes would not be so outlandish and chase the businesses away, or no movement would have emerged. Nor would individual citizens be coming forward, speaking of being outraged and disappointed with the actions of this council.

How can this Council, voted in by their constituents to represent them and work for the betterment and good of Fairfield County, not hear the outcry of concern from the citizens, all of diverse ages and colors? Go ahead and enjoy what will hopefully be your last terms of ‘Good Ole Boy Politics.’


Pat Williams

Lake Wateree

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