Jobs for Whom?

Millions of our tax dollars have already been spent on projects for Council members to suggest that jobs will be here. Don’t you believe one word of that. Yes, there will be jobs; but just ask the important question: How many of those jobs will be filled by tax-paying Fairfield residents. The answer is less than 10 percent. The balance will go to people living in Chester, Lexington, Irmo and Columbia. They are benefitting from our failure to demand why there is no vision or future for the children and the youth of Fairfield.

Left to the current administration’s direction led by our illustrious Chairman, there will be no future. Winnsboro will be a ghost town as will the entire county. It’s no secret that Fairfield collects more tax money, and spends more of it than it collects on projects that seem to help only the Council members’ families or themselves. Not all are guilty, but those that are will be and have been put on notice, visa via the Ethics Commission of South Carolina.

Just look at the past week: They have approved giving more money to a hospital that has had only one overnight patient in the recent past. Why do we need a full-time staff for a part-time clientele? Another half million dollars down the drain! And now they want to add insult to injury by running a water line for a million dollars down Peach Tree Road. How many people will benefit from this investment of a million dollars to supposedly aid the development of the industrial park that has no septic system, no real infrastructure and not even a sign with a telephone number to contact anyone if you are interested in moving your industry here?

I thought I was being kind when I started to state that this kind of thinking is just plain dumb, and I am not amused, nor is anyone else, about the lack of accountability or responsibility coming from our County Council members. Not everyone is uninformed or happy with our current County Council or the lack of its administration to proceed in answering the public’s outcry!

Who is guilty? Who is innocent? Why is this happening? And when will it stop?

Jeff Schaffer

Lake Monticello

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