Money Pit

The Financial Disaster of Doko – great concept, Town Council, but way, way over the mark, both financially and conceptually for a town of this size, growth or no growth, taxes or no taxes.

Simple question: Could it be that no one has a watch or phone in Blythewood so we need to build a clock tower? Seriously? It is $1.7M over budget and still not complete and we defend these irrational expenses and investment as a town because “folks” said to the previous Mayor, et. al., that they “love the Manor.” Well folks, those of you who love it and love many things like professional teams, big expensive cars, exotic lands and vacation spots, should pay for it on your dime, not the entire town. This is just like the U.S. government – so easy to commit and obligate other people’s hard working dollars to an over-bloated program (a giant manor with “amphitheaters, soccer fields – we don’t have enough?).

Skate parks? Who is driving to the manor to roller/skateboard? And lights on a trail can save money after midnight if we install timers – who is walking the trails after midnight? Another playground for who? Who is running this fiasco?

Seems to me either we have no/limited/incompetent management with this – period. Either way, it doesn’t seem to me all too wise for Blythewood. We decided to retire here in this beautiful town after 24 years of moving and we do love it here! In closing, what did the town do before Doko? No farmers’ market? No parades? No pageantry? Please folks, consider in 2020, maybe we should politic for the Blythewood Bears Major League baseball team or the Blythewood Bandits NFL team. They could certainly and conspicuously take all our money.

Chris Richards


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