You Run for Office

Wow. I was relieved to see that this (Michael Watts’ “As Gomer Pyle used to Say,” Feb. 28) was categorized as “opinion” and “guest editorial.” One thing it certainly lacks is factual information. For one so concerned and for a person that has all the answers, why not move in to the town and run for office and fix everything. One lesson I’ve learned is that everybody on the outside has the answers. What’s presented in the news is not always as Paul Harvey would say, “the rest of the story.” Politics and the town finances are an onion the size of a basketball; it takes years to find all the layers – and even more years to understand them. While I agree with half of what was said, the other half is purely opinion based on nothing but half-truths. “Nixing” projects that are more than halfway complete is not the equivalent of settling on projects that just have drawings. In this case you’re talking up to half of the cost of the park to “nix” the plans. I strongly encourage you to move to town (or annex in) and run for mayor and face the issues with all the information, otherwise there is no need to be a backseat driver and undermine everyone in office. Any business owner knows it takes a minimum of two years to get a return on investment. If the Manor does nothing but start to break even at the end of two years I will be happy. Breaking even and providing a walking trail that is pretty well used and a playground that is constantly full is fine by me. Not to mention the space for the farmer’s markets and other events that bring people and revenue to the town. I don’t remember seeing any of that at the old community center; at least not in the last 20 years.

Jeff Branham

Former Blythewood Town Councilman

Madison, Miss.

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