The 4-1-1 on the 9-1-1

In response to the 9-1-1 story written about me on the front page of The Voice (April 25) by James Denton, there are two sides to every story and definitely so in this case. While I did call 9-1-1, let me shine a little more light on the matter.

When Mr. Denton approached me immediately after the meeting, considering he had aggressively approached me on several other occasions, his question “what clubs were short shifted?” took me aback. Since I had not said any clubs were “short shifted,” I realized that as Mr. James Denton does frequently, he was trying to twist what I said in the meeting. I knew from past experiences with Mr. Denton that it was better at that point to say nothing. Any words commented by me would have been twisted further. He continued interrupting me and pressing me for answers to questions and firing them off, one after another in an accusing tone. He said I was the one yelling, I did not yell; although, I should have. The SRO was not present during the incident and Mr. Denton continued with the harassing tone, which was different than what I had ever experienced with him before.

I recall telling Mr. Denton that I had no comment regarding one question and told him he would need to get information from Mr. Green to determine the accurate answer as to which clubs may have been treated different than the “Bow Tie Club.” As Mr. Denton continued, I told him if he did not leave me alone, I was going to call 9-1-1. He appeared to love that and stepped up his antics. When the dispatcher answered; he proceeded to tell me what to say to them and to tell them what he was wearing, very unusual behavior. The police report can be obtained from Winnsboro Public Safety.

As for my comments that brought all this on, I was merely pointing out that we should use fairness if the district is going to start funding trips for clubs and that the “Bow Tie Club” was about to take a second trip at the district expense and we needed to ensure fairness. Mr. Green responded that he was funding the trip from a Superintendent contingency fund that he could us at his discretion, of which I reminded him that he was suppose to report to the Board of spending from that account and he had not. I wanted assurance that all “clubs” were given the same opportunity for field trips at the district expense and that Geiger, Kelly Miller, Fairfield Elementary and McCrorey were not omitted

After such healthy conversation caused a negative turn of events, I went to the website, clicking on boarddocs, then clicking on agendas, then April 2013, then ‘watched’ the Finance Director request the board approve a “Contingency” fund of approximately $40,000 for the superintendent. The dictionary will provide the difference between contingency and discretionary, which is huge.

Finally, regarding the scoring sheet surrounding the selection of MBKhan whom I supported, there was confusion through board email exchanges which should have been discussed at a duly called board meeting.

Annie E. McDaniel

District 4 Representative

Fairfield County School Board


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