New Leadership

Our public servants should treat their office as a public trust, only using the powers and resources of public office to advance public interests and not to attain personal benefits or pursue any other private interest incompatible with the public good.

Public servants should assure that government is conducted openly, effectively, equitably and honorably, in a manner that permits the citizenry to make informed judgments and hold government officials accountable – not the other way around. I am not accountable to the Council for my words or actions, neither is anyone else who questions their intentions. And when they do so they are subject to being gaveled out of order and removed and charged with bogus charges just to personally inconvenience them enough to keep them out of the chambers and from questioning them again.

Humility and Integrity separates the best from the worst. Next election time around, let’s try to elect some people who at the very least can boast of some acumen, real life professional experience and maybe even a little success! Someone who will work for seeing real change and improvement come to the county, and someone we can trust whose reputation and moral compass is on track. Their ego must be over shadowed by a larger sense of integrity and character. At least we will then have qualified professional people doing the best they can, not charming good ole boys playing the same ole song.

We need change and we need it yesterday. Qualified competent leadership is not a popularity contest for a handsome or beautiful candidate. It’s based on ability. Let me repeat that because that quality is most necessary in the ability to lead, not follow. We in Fairfield County are in dire need of competent, qualified representatives. People who can leave their egos at the door, who can separate the truth from fiction. We are not in need of, nor do we want, people to speak at these public meetings just to hear themselves talk.

I mean no disrespect to the current Council. I believe they all serve and have served with their best ability. However, I think there’s come a time of no return on the investment. There is just so much you can put in or take out and then it’s over. We all serve as inspiration or an example to others of what we could be. And to others what we do not want to be.

Jeff Schaffer

Lake Monticello

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