Risky Business

An open letter to Mr. Ed Parler:

I am writing as a concerned property owner in the town limits of Blythewood. Concerning the Doko restaurant prospects, I have been told by several friends who own restaurants that they DO NOT own buildings, they lease them. I believe the owner of Camden’s Kendalls told you the same thing. Reason being is that this type of business is very risky, at best, and they do not want to be on the hook for a property they cannot sell if the business fails and at least 75 percent do.

I personally believe that the town made a grave mistake in securing this line of credit, which is costly whether or not the restaurant comes to fruition. We are already “stretched” to the limit as it is now with the “manor” that no one wanted that is woefully losing money daily. I think this bunch needs to get their heads out of the sand and let this town be what it is supposed to be. My two cents.

E.S. Johnson


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