A Better Spot

The Interim County Administrator failed to mention that the County Council had previously been presented a letter dated Oct. 8, 2013 from the Wateree Home Owners Association (WHOA), which provided data on moving the Ridgeway EMS station nearer to the lake. Three miles down Old Windmill Road to the corner of River Road, to be precise. The data clearly showed that more homes would be served, lowering their ISO ratings and that more than sufficient acreage had been offered for free by both the Wateree Presbyterian Church and a local land/home owner. Both of these parties sent letters of intent volunteering their land for free for the relocation.

The Lake Wateree area is likely the highest source of residential property taxes in the county, yet provided with the least services. Residents here have no trash pick-up, no sidewalks, no street lighting, no county parks or recreation facilities. The spending of $150,000 for that park to maintain the EMS station as-is is a huge waste when it could be moved for a third of that and better serve a deserving community.

David Lee Waters Sr.


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