No Kidding

Are you kidding me? Just like hot dogs, apple pie and fireworks, going to yard sales is a tradition. Is that what we voted for you for, to limit yard sales and charge us fees on top of all the other fees and taxes we have to pay? I don’t think so. Also, what about all the political signs from your cronies and home builders?

We know from over the years living here and talking to people that one of their favorite things to do early on Saturday morning is to go out and look for deals, socialize and meet new people. We have a yard sale every year and we put up signs and we take them down afterwards, as many people do.

Individuals and churches selling their own merchandise on their own property should not be governed by the Town. We voted for Mayor Ross and Mr. Massa in hopes that you would straighten out the previous mess and not create a new one. We hope that you have more important business to deal with than this issue.

Mike and Jan Dimmery


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