Voting for Dollars

Why do Fairfield County Administration and Council members insist individual Council members get money each year to buy school supplies for students to attend school? At a recent Fairfield County School Board meeting it was revealed that the District had a $1.5 million fund balance left over from the year before. One Board member suggested the money be used on the new Career Center and to reduce the millage rate to be used for construction. I have a suggestion. Let the School Board supply School Supplies as they should and Fairfield County Council members put the $1.5 million back in the general fund.

Why are certain churches in our county getting donations each year to buy school supplies and have any of these churches ever shown receipts as to where they purchased the school supplies? These churches receive different amounts and only certain ones receive the donations. If any religious group receives funds, all churches should receive donations and get the same amount, not just the ones in certain districts.

Funds are given to churches each year for only one reason – votes for re-election. Changing what we call the Council members’ Discretionary Funds to Community Enhancement Funds does not change what’s happening.

Monies that the churches receive should be from the “County as a whole,” not from individual Council members. Is Fairfield County receiving a letter of donation or is the Council member receiving it and taking the donation off his/her taxes?

J.R. Douglas


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