Brown for Sanders

When I chose not to run for re-election, I was interviewed by The Voice newspaper and they asked who I was endorsing. My response at that time was that I wasn’t endorsing any candidate, but I definitely wasn’t going to endorse someone backed by any special interest groups.

In the time since, I have spent a lot of time with Clyde Sanders and understand his vision for Fairfield County. Clyde is not part of a shadow group. He is honest, and he can think on his own. We need a voice of reason on County Council, and I know Clyde Sanders will be that voice of reason – just as he has been on Winnsboro Town Council.

Our tight-knit community is at a crossroads right now. There are many things happening that could help determine the future of Fairfield County and how it will be shaped for future generations. Fairfield County needs someone honest and level-headed with governmental and business experience to help steer the ship. Not only does Clyde provide that experience, but he also brings a great working relationship with the Town of Winnsboro, which is desperately needed.

This is not a slight to other candidates; it is simply my belief that Clyde Sanders is the clear choice to serve on Fairfield County Council. We have never been a community to be run by shadow groups, and we do not need to start now. Clyde will be a great independent vote on County Council and will look out for all people in District 7 and Fairfield County. So please, join me and vote for Clyde Sanders on Election Day.

R. David Brown


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