Lewis for Sheriff

By way of introduction, I am a retired Assistant Director with SLED and I have known and worked along side Keith Lewis for more than 30 years, having met him early in his and my career. I knew then that with his work ethic he was going places. I was so pleased when he offered for Sheriff after the untimely departure for health reasons by my friend Herman Young.

Keith Lewis has never run from tough issues and has been tenacious in his efforts to rid Fairfield County of drugs and other crimes. I remember him as we rose through the ranks at the Sheriff’s Office, where he has been committed to Fairfield County his entire career. As an FBI National Academy graduate, Keith could have gone on to other bigger agencies over the years, but his commitment to Sheriff Young and Fairfield County has never wavered and he has honorably stayed the course. He has always approached investigations the same way regardless of the social status of the offender and he and I worked together to be good stewards of the citizen’s funds and our time on the job. What a tribute to this fine man and the way he does Fairfield County’s business; fairness for all citizens. He is a fair-minded person who demands professionalism of himself and his staff. I am so proud to support Sheriff (Retired) Herman Young’s endorsement of Keith Lewis as Sheriff of Fairfield County.

If I lived in Fairfield County, I would vote for the election of Keith Lewis as Sheriff, but since I do not live there, I wanted everyone to know how I feel. I have friends in Fairfield County and I hope you feel as I do and support the election of our friend Keith Lewis for Sheriff. He has done a great job and is a true professional and friend, but his work is not completed yet.

Steven A. Smith


Assistant Director SLED (Retired)

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