Pick Frick

I’m supporting William Frick, a resident of Fairfield County, for 6th Circuit Solicitor (the District Attorney) not because he is a Democrat or a Republican, but because he is competent, experienced, able, conscientious, hard-working, wise and ethical. William wants to be a public servant for the good of the community and not to achieve a personal agenda. Further, William is from Fairfield County and having a resident Solicitor, after decades of the position being in Chester and Lancaster, will benefit all of us here.

I have practiced law for 18 years all over the state, and I have seen solicitors and judges come and go. The position of Solicitor is one of the most powerful elected positions that exits and can be used, or not used, for the public good . . . or bad. This is not a position to elect someone who is egotistical or inexperienced. Too often there have been multiple cases overturned by the Supreme Court due to a Solicitor’s breaking the rules or using unethical practices. There is no place for that in our Circuit.

I have known William over the last several years and I have seen him rise through the ranks with a spotless reputation and with the ability to work with the public for speedy and just outcomes. I know he can do the job and I hope our people, either Democrat, Republican or Independent, will vote local … and vote for William Frick: The best candidate for this powerful position.

Robert Hartman, attorney.


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