Support Smith

I have already cast my ballot, absentee, if the Fairfield County Council race for District 7. I’m pleased to say that I voted for Billy Smith and am in full support of his candidacy.

I have known all the candidates in this race for quite some time, and, of them all, I know Billy would be the best for the job and for the citizens of Fairfield County. I previously served on the Winnsboro Town Council and I know what it takes for a person to be a good representative of the people who elected them:

1. It takes a genuine desire to help and serve others, and Billy has that genuine desire.

2. It takes an understanding of the issues at hand, and of the candidates, Billy has the best understanding of those issues.

3. It takes a strong will and a can-do attitude, and Billy has that; but he also understands that compromise is useful and has its place.

Billy is the only candidate in the race who has expressed any new ideas or goals of positive change for Fairfield County, and we need that type of vision on our County Council.

I voted for Billy Smith because I know he truly wants to help and serve all of the people of Fairfield County; and because, of the candidates, I believe he is the best informed and most prepared to do so, with the right intentions in mind and at heart.

When you go to the polls, I ask you to vote for Billy Smith for the District 7 seat on Fairfield County Council.

Marcia Bonds


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