Time for a Change

I support Marion Robinson for Fairfield County Council District 5. It is time that we bring Transparency, Accountability, and Trust back in to the County Government. Under the direction of our Current leadership in District 5, we have created higher taxes and more County employees. If we continue this trend and the amount of money that we are borrowing through the bond issues, the current representative is putting us in extreme financial difficulties. If property taxes are not lowered, you will not be able to sell your property and the County has no hope of attracting new Residents. The Citizens of Fairfield County have been taken for granted and the current council thinks that they can do anything and that they answer to no one. Fairfield County belongs to all Citizens of the County and not to the few elected officials.

I have known Marion Robinson for 50 + years. He is well respected and a Business Man. He is committed to making Fairfield County Government more fiscally responsible and accountable to the Citizens. I encourage each and every Citizen in District 5 to cast their vote for Marion Robinson on Nov. 4.

Bobby Cunningham


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