Vote for Smith

Late Sunday night, I was told about my current Fairfield County Council member, David Brown, endorsing Clyde Sanders in the District 7 race for County Council. I don’t do Facebook, but I understand that’s where the endorsement originated. The endorsement mentioned that Mr. Sanders is his own thinker and isn’t part of a shadow group, while seeming to insinuate that the other candidates are.

It’s difficult for me to wrap my mind around that thought, considering Mr. Brown is endorsing Mr. Sanders, and is part of the only shadow group I know of in our County, our current County Council. The endorsement, to me, really identifies who is supported by our current County Council. Let’s not forget that our current Council has thrived in the shadows, and made our County suffer and stagnate while doing so.

Mr. Brown’s endorsement is the good ole boy system of the past attempting to perpetuate itself into our County’s future. Fairfield County is at a crossroads right now, and there are two very different paths from which we may choose to travel. We can continue with the ways of the past, or we can choose positive change to lead us to a brighter, more prosperous future. On Election Day, I’ll be voting for Billy Smith, as he’s the candidate in my district, District 7, who I see offering a positive change. I ask that all citizens of District 7 please join me in supporting Billy Smith, and I ask that all of Fairfield County support positive change this election season. Our County’s future demands it.

Tommy Richardson


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