Give and Take

Soon District 3 voters will have a choice: join three other County districts and vote for the future by electing a new type of Councilman, or stay “Trapped” in the past with nothing to look forward to, just the same old, same old, with no one to lead them into a promising future.

First, the Taker:

Consider Mr. Mikel Trapp’s past performance. He has brought no vision to the table regarding Fairfield County’s future. He speaks at Council meetings only to second a motion brought forward by the Chairman or condemn efforts by citizens who are trying to improve the quality of life for all who reside in Fairfield County. Mr. Trapp not only holds these citizens in contempt, but also, in order to further his efforts to be re-elected, he attacks them through lies printed in his newsletters where they cannot respond.

His poor attendance record validates the label he has earned for himself, “Mr. No Show.” For the record, 1) he was a “no-show” for 24 County Council meetings, yet he had no problem taking the money as if he had attended; 2) though vying for re-election this year, he was a “no-show” for all the forums held for Council candidates; 3) he was a “no-show” for a meeting in Mitford even after a District 3 resident invited him with a certified letter; 4) though in a fight for his political life, he’s still a “no-show” for the hearing on the vote recount.

And now, the Giver:

Lt. Col. Walter Larry Stewart, born and reared in Fairfield County, retired from the U.S. Army with a Bronze Star Medal and 22 years’ service throughout the world, 5 years at the Pentagon, managing a $120 million dollar budget. While serving, he also earned degrees, from a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management to a Ph.D. in Organizational Management.

Now, Col. Stewart is willing to serve the community yet again, this time as the District 3 County Councilman. This proven experienced business leader knows how to accomplish what our County needs if you give him the opportunity. Mr. Trapp has accomplished nothing for the County in 12 years! Col. Stewart offers factual hope.

Citizens of District 3, this is your time. Use your vote to add new, qualified leadership to our new Fairfield County Council. Vote for Col. Walter Larry Stewart!

Pat Williams


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