The Truth is Out There

A couple of the Fairfield County Council members have remarked that the ads I ran in The Voice (Oct. 24 and Oct. 31) were all lies. I have with me the FOI information from the Fairfield County administration to repudiate the comments of the council members about the ads. What was a lie? The Deputy Administrator signed the release of funds on most of the invoices from the contractor and in most cases, before any work was started on the project.

You should not be angry with me, but you should question how and why nearly $8 million was spent without any supervision as the contract with the contractor stated.

By the way, you can look in my billfold (after I take the money out) and you will not see a Saving Fairfield membership card. Citizens and taxpayers stand together, share information and FOI’s and do the best we can to save Fairfield County from destroying itself. Black and white, male and female stand together to help Fairfield County be a county we can be proud of. I, like many of my friends, are neither Democrat nor Republican. I do vote in primaries when I see a candidate I like and support. There is nothing racial in this belief.

J.R. Douglas


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