Not a ‘Flip-Flop’

James Denton’s article of March 20, 2015 (“Recreation relocation D.O.A.”) incorrectly says Heath Cookendorfer “flip-flopped” regarding his vote against locating the rec center in the Town of Ridgeway. Councilman Cookendorfer never stated beforehand that he would vote for or against that rec center location. He only said that he “personally” thought it was a good thing. I know for a fact from talking to him, that ‘after much thought, consideration and anxiety,’ he felt he had to vote with the majority of the people of Ridgeway who came out to speak at the meeting. That’s not a “flip-flop” as Denton so glibly states, but a well- considered decision that went against Heath’s own personal views in favor of the people. I’m proud of him.

Robert Hartman III



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