It’s Noise, Boys

In speaking to a County Council committee last week, a member of the Lake Wateree Association made a valid point about businesses at the lake during the winter months, but to insinuate that a boat, a vacuum cleaner or a passing car would be considered a nuisance is beyond absurd. We’re talking about a persistent annoyance. Imagine sitting in your living room during prime time trying to watch a favorite TV program but having to deal with a couple hours of incessant noise violating your space. It’s distracting and incredibly annoying. Not to mention just plain rude!

Locals can all easily go somewhere else and get gas, food and condiments for a good bit less, but they appreciate the local businesses and try to support them as much as possible. There are six places to dine on or near Lake Wateree and most of them have hosted live music inside, where it doesn’t disturb the neighbors. The offending lake business in Fairfield County hosts music outside, and people have complained. Rather than adjust to get along with their neighbors, they choose to continue to be a nuisance, boldly defending their right to be one. That doesn’t seem like a good way to drum up support to me. Not one that I’d like to support. And while I can appreciate utilizing ear plugs in tolerance of his once a year noise invasion as one local asserted at the council meeting, it’s not a logical solution in this case.

Clearly the solution is to move the noise inside. If it won’t fit the current scheme, then either stop or build an acceptable enclosure.

When you stay at a Motel 6 or similar, you might expect/tolerate thin walls and noisy neighbors in exchange for your cheap cost. But when you pay more to stay at a Marriott, Hilton or Hyatt you expect comfort with peace and quiet. Those who live at the lake pay an exorbitant amount to do so compared to other regions in the county. You can buy a million dollar home here, pay twenty five thousand a year in taxes and have a neighbor who loves to burn leaves, rubbish and trash year round, endangering your health, (especially if you have asthma); permeating your clothing, towels and outdoor furniture with acrid smoke, while driving you inside when you were wanting to entertain visiting friends and family outside.

Holding government, business/corporate America as well as your neighbors to reasonable standards is the order of the day.

Legislation preventing disturbances/annoyances of all types is proper, regardless of locale or economic status.

David Lee Waters Sr.



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