It’s a Tax

It didn’t take the new Fairfield County Council long to put forth their first tax increase – a new “road fee.” Phrasing it as a “fee” does not change its negative impact. In reality, the proposed additional “road fee” is just another tax.

Do the already heavily taxed citizens of Fairfield really deserve another tax increase? How can a government which spends twice as much as its peers even consider raising taxes? How can a government which gets hundreds of millions of dollars from the V.C. Summer lotto and has one of the highest millage rates in the state even consider digging deeper into our wallets? Why does this council want to further expand Fairfield’s reputation as “The Spend More, Tax More and Get Less Government?” Is our bloated government so inefficient our council cannot find other solutions than tax increases? Perhaps we should call our peer rural counties for advice on government efficiency.

Yes, again some Fairfield County officials propose to take the lazy route for resolutions. If we had a well-run county government the citizens would not be constantly burdened by waste and inefficiency. A well-run government works for the people, not the government machine. A well-run government finds non-tax resolutions.

This easily avoidable tax proposal further highlights our need for an efficient and effectively run government in Fairfield County. We do not need more taxes in Fairfield. We need a well-run government.

Let’s start towards that aforementioned end by initiating a robust recruiting effort to fill the county’s open position of full time administrator. Today. Please.

Randy Bright



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