Why Blame the CTC?

The County Council Chairwoman’s comments on the fee (taxes) for roads certainly led the citizens of this county to believe the CTC (County Transportation Committee) is responsible for the implementation of that fee. I could not believe that was the Chairwoman’s method of handling this unfavorable item. Also there was an article in The Voice that had the same mention from a Council meeting I did not attend. The CTC cannot tell County Council what to do in regards to any fees or taxes. When I arrived at the Council meeting Monday night (June 8) I had folks tell me that I missed a meeting where Council was throwing the CTC under the bus. After Monday’s meeting, I see that was the way it was handled. Council certainly needs to clear that matter up with citizens of this county and with CTC.

I am also concerned with how some of our newer Council members are treated by the Chairwoman. I see her irritation and her effort to not let them speak because it does not fit her agenda. We have some exceptional talent in our new Council and we certainly need new ideas and a new direction. The Chairwoman certainly does not cut off her chosen few. The Chairwoman needs to treat all Council members equally. I have now seen this at several Council meetings and I am very disappointed in how the meetings are conducted.

Lynn Bone



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