Boy, our government team was in its finest deflection mode on Aug. 10. Two quotes in The Voice from the last County Council meeting clearly highlighted our intra-government obstacles. These quotes reveal a debilitating combination of deflection and abdication of duties.

When questioning Council about its failure to establish a Country Water Commission to coordinate a reliable water infrastructure, we get this deflection: “The county is not the official provider of water and sewer . . .” Even the Chairperson acknowledged we have water supply challenges. However, the ‘it’s not my job attitude’ is a weak excuse for not executing the hired analysts’ prescribed (since 2010) recommendations to establish a water and sewer commission to coordinate a reliable water infrastructure.

Our government, however, doesn’t just ignore the hired consultants. The last two years Council members have been gifted by the citizens with literally hundreds of proven and amply supported blueprints on how to run a more effective and efficient government that provides the services its citizens deserve. Citizens have even tried to enlighten with examples of budgets in other like but well-run counties. Sadly, the tsunamis of constructive ideas are not implemented, largely because all on Council are not truly listening.

Last week a Councilman was quoted justifying such failures by stating, “I would like these folks to give me a structural analysis … (and) attach a budget to it . . .” Where has he been the last two years? Steve Covey must have been thinking about our Council when he said, “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.”

A see not, hear not and never admit your mistakes attitude is not effective governing. A more effective government would focus on how it can implement citizens’ ideas for improvement rather than look for excuses to not execute.

Randy Bright



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