Not Another Plan

There are basically two types of people: People who accomplish things, and people who claim to have accomplished things. The first group is less crowded.

County Council has rolled out a consultant to do what has been already done not once, but at least twice. And now this new consulting firm will be repeating the same for more money again.

First of all, when you bring someone out for the Council to hear and question, you all may have 10 questions; we have 10,000.

I am also requesting that the Council open that question period up to the general public. I’m sure after hearing our questions everyone will have a better picture of what is expected and who is benefiting from those expectations.

We too want to know how you all vote on things, out in the public. We want to see you put your hand up and say No, that the public should not participate in any new ideas brought to the Council. We want to see you publicly put your hand up and vote No, you don’t think the public has the right to ask questions.

And if that be the case, let me tell you the public will have only one vote, and it will be on election day and you will not be here to witness the outcome.

The Genesis Group put forth a comprehensive plan that superseded the 1997 Fairfield County plan. Their plan dated in 2011 was paid for and covered in great detail our population, housing, natural resources, cultural resources, economic, community facilities, transportation, land use and priority investments, etc., all addressed in specifics, over 160 pages of data, suggestions, goals and actions to be taken. . . . None of which were, I believe, done.

Why are we redoing what was done already and done well? We don’t need the COG to deliver another plan. We don’t need another consultant!

What I believe we need is an administrator who is in the business of managing the business for the best interest of the public. And a council with members who do not suffer from short term memory deficits. What I believe we need are less excuses and more successes.

We want action, not conversation. And the old brigade has to stop wasting our time and money.

Jeff Schaffer

Lake Monticello


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