Happy Days

Come on Fairfield County, let’s finally begin to move forward with some bold ideas in the upcoming Strategic Plan. This plan will dictate how we spend the billions more we will receive from V.C. Summer commencing in a few years. If we stay on the same old spinning wheel of squandering strategic plan opportunities, citizens, again, will be left wondering where did all that money go.

Why not follow the lead of other governments ( i.e. Alaska, Oregon and Norway) which are blessed with unique revenue . Let’s look towards empowering the citizens with more self-economic direction with Fairfield’s coming riches.

I believe the following initiative will be a great jumpstart to rebuilding Fairfield: Rebate a total of 10-20 percent of the annual revenue from VC Summer units 2 and 3 to all adult full-time residents who have lived in Fairfield for at least 3 years ( to maximize legitimate participation) prior to the annual rebate distribution. Distribution would be in equal amounts to each eligible adult.

This initiative drives the following proactive and positive results:

Creates an instant and distinct marketing avenue for growth and investment in the county. The free publicity, alone, would reach potential investors across the globe.

• Creates a much more citizen-centric government.

• Helps to project Fairfield as a citizen friendly county.

• Rewards Fairfield citizens for living in the “radiation danger zone”.

• Affords citizens more economic freedom to address their unique needs as they see fit.

• Partially offsets Fairfield’s exorbitant property taxes.

• Helps to correct the inequitable tax burden Fairfield’s’ high taxes place upon the lowest income group. Currently the lowest income group pays the highest percent of their income in local taxes. Equal rebate distribution would immediately address this injustice since the lower wage earners would receive the highest income percent increase .

• Minimizes potential manipulation and error rate.

• Acts as a stimulus of local economic activity via the increased purchasing power of the citizens.

• Further acts as a stimulus in attracting new businesses and new growth.

• Expands our tax revenue due to all the aforementioned economic stimuli.

• Creates a larger pool of resources for local charitable giving.

• Makes Fairfield a more desirable housing venue for developers which would increase housing options for current and future residents.

• Enhances citizen morale and creates excitement.

• Leaves plenty left over for the improvement of government service.

Of course , this initiative is just a framework and the details would have to be worked out to create a workable and transparent process which ensures fairness, accuracy and prevents fraud. Perhaps there is a better way to make such a distribution. The point is for us to figure out a way to give directly back to Fairfield’s deserving citizens. The point is to build up Fairfield through its citizens. In the end citizens would be individually enriched and the county thrives. Isn’t that what government should strive to do?

Randy Bright



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