What a difference a county line can make. According to recent Voice headline stories, at least two major residential developers are “begging” to make large investments on one side (Blythewood) of the line. Contrastively, similar developers continue to avoid nearby Fairfield like a contaminated flood plain.

Where has Fairfield gone wrong while its neighbor, Blythewood, has become so inviting? Why are we the overlooked county? Why do so many people work in, but do not live in, Fairfield? Is it the high taxes? Is it the services? Perhaps the lack of infrastructure? Is it lack of a defined smart growth plan? Is it due to an ineffective government that spends twice as much per capita as its peers? Could it be the lack of recreational facilities? Perhaps it’s all of the above and more.

The answers to the above questions have been clear for far too long. However, to leverage our many strengths into prosperity, it is imperative Fairfield’s next strategic plan is finally one which prioritizes workable solutions to greatly elevate the standards of the County’s government effectiveness, and the county’s livability and desirability. Then and only then will Fairfield’s citizens finally get the kind of opportunity for a better life they so richly deserve. It would be nice to live on the “sought-after” side of the line.

Randy Bright



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