Enough Already


This nationally transmitted quote refers to the latest in tragic animal mistreatment in Fairfield County. Clearly there are some conflicting interpretations between our government and the attending veterinarian.  The fact remains, however, we have a history of animal “incidents” in Fairfield County and this latest incident is yet another stain on the county.

The fact also remains our government officials pledged they would address these tragedies with strong legislation which would serve as consequential deterrents. This pledge came right after the now infamous “horse incident.” While the county did address some in-house procedures it has yet to address the whole problem.

All agree tougher laws, more enforceable laws and education are keys to prevent a continuation of animal mistreatment. It’s just a matter of urgent execution. How many more viral tragedies will visit our county before our officials get the urgency part? When will our leaders realize animal abuse is all too often a precursor to human abuse? Come on leaders, let’s execute the straight forward solutions to safeguard all of Gods’ creatures BEFORE we are beset by even more such tragedies. We have had more than enough already.

Randy Bright



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