Landfill Blues

DHEC for the last 25 years has tried to get Fairfield County to sign a contract with them to close the landfill. Fairfield County has refused. DHEC is worried about contaminating other surrounding properties. New wells need to be drilled and contaminated ones are to be tapped. DHEC will decide well locations. Carol Crooks, with DHEC, said it will now be turned over to Solid Waste.

It was proposed that a review of available information on regional and local geology and hydrology be performed to identify probable geologic formations and ground water flow paths on the subject site. The landfill site inspection was conducted by a PSI engineer on May 1, 1989.

Our family has paid taxes on this property from the start of the landfill to the present date. If Fairfield County had used due diligence on the closure, we would have been able to have at least two wood cuts on this property and could have sold lots for homes at a time when the economy was at a high point.

I ask that the County pay my sister, Gloria Blackwell, and myself for this property at the price the Fairfield County Assessor’s Office has it appraised for.

J.R. Douglas



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