Fairfield has its wake-up call. Our only Big Box retailer recently deemed us as an unsuitable business environment for them. Let’s prove them wrong with a unified smart approach.

Losing Walmart could be THE catalyst for greatness in Fairfield. With or without Walmart, we certainly have our revitalization opportunities. Now let’s leverage other communities’ successful post-Walmart experiences (and modify according to our local needs) to make Fairfield better than ever with a robust and locally viable mix of small and larger businesses. Further, locally owned businesses generate far more local money circulation than nationally owned businesses.

To achieve that end, let’s ensure our strategic planning includes proven and doable solutions. Additionally, let’s admit our opportunities and address them to everyone’s’ benefit.

This is not a time to look back except for learning experiences. This is not a time for finger pointing; rather, it is a time for all to come together and make Fairfield great with all of us – councils, delegation, government staff and private citizens alike – pulling together.

Contact your local representative and let them know we are all in this moment of opportunity together!

Randy Bright



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