Save the Liaison

As I write this letter, I realize I am completely out of my comfort zone. However, the proposed removal of the Fairfield County Liaison Department from Fairfield County government will be so devastating to the community that I had to write to voice my concern.

I am in opposition of this move. The Fairfield County Council, in order to make a political statement, has decided to destroy a resource for good; although right now the budget has not been approved and there is still time to act in favor of the citizens.

Fairfield County Council voted to remove the Liaison . . . why? This role is helping the poor, the uneducated and the unskilled find jobs; on many occasions helping them complete job applications, helping them with interviewing skills and much more. This year alone Ms. Jackie Workman has helped in the hiring of 140 people – simply outstanding; over $2 million to the citizens who have those jobs.

I am asking the Fairfield County Council to reverse its decision in removing the Fairfield County Council Liaison and decide to keep her in place. The community and county at large need her. This is less than two-tenths of one percent of the budget, so do not make this “wasteful” cut in services to those persons who need her the most.

Moses Bell



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