No Time for Rookies

Eighteen to 0 does not reflect the latest sports blowout. Rather, it is the glaring legislative experience gap between State Sen. Creighton Coleman and his opponent Mike Fanning. If reelected, 18 years of legislative experience is the conduit of success Mr. Coleman will continue to leverage to create jobs and bring prosperity to District 17. On the other hand, Mr. Fanning would be handicapped by just trying to “learn the ropes” as a rookie State Senator.

After 18 years in the legislature, Mr. Coleman has wisely built many productive relationships with lawmakers from both parties. Further, Coleman, through those relationships, has constantly proven he knows how to get the job done by successfully championing many positive initiatives for our district.

This is not the time to be holding rookie tryouts. Experience matters. Vote for the advantage of experience. Vote for Mr. Coleman for District 17 State Senate.

Randy Bright



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