It has been said you can gauge the brightness of a community’s soul by the courage of its heroes who courageously confront evil. Today, Fairfield’s soul shines brightly thanks to the heroes who helped to ensure some measure of justice in our most recent animal cruelty case (re: “A Horrible Thing,” July 14).

We all owe a deep debt of gratitude to the brave rescuers/witnesses, the fair-minded judge and the always helpful Hoof and Paw group who facilitated justice with a sizeable reward. Thanks also to the staff at the Fairfield Animal Hospital who immediately recognized and pointed out the dogs’ injuries were the result of being dragged behind a vehicle. Additionally, the skilled FAH team worked tirelessly to ensure these poor animals recovered from the extreme physical and traumatic cruelty inflected upon them. Let’s not forget the many others who lent much financial and moral support in this case. I refrain from citing names because there are just too many heroes to list without slighting some. However, due to The Voice’s exposure of this horrific crime we know who the heroes are and we sincerely thank all of them.

Randy Bright



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