What Was He Thinking?

What irresponsible behavior from Mayor Gregrey Ginyard leaving $10,000 of Jenkinsville Water Co. money in his car to be stolen. Let me ask you a question Mr. Ginyard: Would you leave $10,000 of your money in an unlocked vehicle?

Not only the loss of the money but the cost for mail-outs to the water customers, the administrative time to do so, the inconvenience to the folks whose money has been stolen leave me to wonder why your constituents are not asking you “What were you thinking?” if you were actually thinking at all. And the fact that you state you have been doing it for eight years is even more unbelievable.

The last statement from Mr. Ginyard in the (June 30) Voice article says he will ‘never make that mistake again.’ No money should ever be put in his hands . . . ever . . . again! There is no excuse for this negligent behavior.

His kind of thinking and leadership is just an example of why our county/country is in the mess we are in today. You don’t deserve the title of Mayor, Mr. Ginyard.

Lynn Bone



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