What Next?

How can Fairfield School Superintendent J.R. Green decide to use taxpayer money to build patio homes for school teachers? How does he get this authority? It’s easy for him to throw money around when it does not come out of his pocket.

Sadly, the population of this county is on the decrease. Many people choose to live out of the county and then drive to work in Fairfield.

I have seen him at some of the same meetings where this has been discussed. I see this venture as another burden for the taxpayer.

Mr. Green, what other wonderful ideas do you have to lay at the feet of the Fairfield County taxpayer? Currently, we spend more to educate a child in Fairfield public school than most any public school within this state. Leave the building and real estate investment to the people that do it.

Mr. Green, get your thoughts back to the school and the children and out of real estate business. Leave us taxpayers out of this foolishness.

Thank you Paula Hartman for opposing this idea.

Lynn Bone



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