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I grew up in the Dark Corner of Fairfield County and my husband, Jimmy, and I currently live in Feasterville. I love my district and would love to serve the residents of District 3 as their County Council member.

If elected I will have several priorities. We need better pay for our EMS paramedics so we can keep all ambulances running at all times with qualified personnel. We must pay our EMS people as much or more than neighboring counties pay if we are to get and keep qualified paramedics.

We also need better pay for our law enforcement personnel. These men and women risk their lives every time they go to work.

Our fire stations must be staffed with paid firefighters when our volunteers are at work. That would hopefully lower the ISO ratings for the outlying areas of the county that are currently rated 9 or 10, and bring house insurance premiums down in those areas.

Our County needs a central recreation center, like a YMCA that could provide a swimming pool for water aerobics, sports activities for our youth and year-round indoor activities for our seniors. And if there are transportation shortages on the Western side of Fairfield County so that folks cannot get to a centralized recreation facility, then we need to fix that.

A vote for Peggy Swearingen is a vote for change and progress for District 6 and for all of Fairfield County.

Peggy Swearingen



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