JWC Love Letters

It never ceases to amaze me the length to which the Jenkinsville Water Company and some of its board members will go to present a false picture of bliss and happiness. The water company consists of 800+ members, all of whom are and should be guided by the company’s bylaws.

Nowhere in the bylaws does it state that a board member gets to gripe a complaint through direct mail (paid for by the members of JWC) on how he and others are being perceived. In this public letter to the members, Mr. Peach goes on at length about his outhouse days and getting water from his Aunt Stella’s spring, in an 8×10-page letter filled with defensive and argumentative comments; related to the public who attends these meetings.

I suppose it would be much better if in fact the Lead-Dictator and his army ran the water company without any public opinion or comment, answering to no one and calling the police to intimidate anyone and everyone who dares to speak out at the meeting.

Mr. Peach, if you don’t like what the public has to say about how things are going, then give up your position and resign. Or better yet be the advocate for the voice of the public to be heard, instead of agreeing with the behind-closed-doors comments of ‘put your complaint in writing and then we will get back to you’ (that seems never to be the truth).

And why do you, Mr. Peach, get to use the $400 of water members’ money for postage to send out this letter griping about your position on the board. All this prior to the general meeting notification letter in January, which by the way was not included in this mailing.

The best defense is a good offense. And ours will be a vote, and I’m guessing you and Mr. Ginyard and a few others would like to give up your seats so you won’t have to hear the public complain? Since you folks do nothing about the complaints, except to complain that you do this as a volunteer.

But don’t think for a one minute that this little public ploy was perceived for anything other than what it is, another manipulation of the facts and the truth.

You ought to be ashamed.

Jeff Schaffer

Lake Monticello


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