Zoning Battle Continues

I wanted to write to say “thank you” and “congratulations” to the residents of the Rimer Pond Community for making their collective voice heard at the last meeting of the Richland County Planning Commission. The Voice also deserves praise for covering the continuing battle so thoroughly and getting the information out to their readers.

While their victory may not be final and there is still an outstanding vote forthcoming by County Council, we should all commend those in attendance for standing up against the real estate and development interests that continue to chip away at the rural area in which we desire to live.

While I do not live in the Rimer Pond Community, my neighborhood has also had to withstand unreasonable attempts to rezone property in our immediate area. It is my hope that the residents throughout the northern edge of Richland County will continue to pay attention to the urban invasion that is heading in our direction. I am thankful that the overwhelming majority of citizens in Blythewood town limits and surrounding areas continue to stay in the ears of our elected representatives. We need to remind them that, while not opposed to sensible growth, we all are concerned that the rural appeal of our part of the county is being destroyed simply to pad the wallets of a few. I am glad to see that at least a few of the representatives understand that it is left to us deal with the congestion, crime, strain on public services and other problems that come with over development and that the builders, developers and real estate professionals will be off and gone with the profits.

Cal Thomas



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