Free to Kill?

What is going on in Fairfield County that is breeding so many people who mistreat and kill animals. I’ve read about the deplorable treatment of horses, the starvation of a dog tried to a porch and a cat being beaten, set on fire and then killed, and now I read about this poor pig allegedly locked in a room to starve to death! This is Third World.

The arrest of Lirhonda Butler happened March 27, and we are just now hearing about it?

But my real question is this…What does it take in Fairfield County for these people who inflict this pain, suffering and death to be properly charged and for prosecutors to actually bring these animal killers and animal torturers to trial? They have to be investigated, prosecuted and actually go to trial to get the punishment they deserve for the cruelty they inflict.

How horrible does it need to get before they are fined, jailed, SOMETHING!! What kind of message are those who are supposed to be prosecuting these cases sending to the public and to other potential animal abusers? I mean, what is going on!

Judy Miller

Huntsville, AL (formely of Ridgeway)