Letter to the Editor: Scheme or Plan

It was a sad moment at the Fairfield County Council meeting on Monday, Jan. 22, when it was revealed that only the Council Chairman and the County Manager had read the Town of Winnsboro deed transferring Mt. Zion property to Fairfield County.  Councilmen Trapp and Robinson voted against the transfer.

The issue is informed decision-making by our elected officials.  The challenge is that a long range plan for developing office space for Fairfield County has not been revealed (done). How do we increase office space for our county workers?  How much space do we need?  What are the options?  What is the defined timeline for completing the tasks? How will we finance the costs?  Is phased development necessary?  If so, how will it be managed?

Managing crisis of disrepair is not prudent management.  If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  So I ask for business decisions, not emotional decisions.  Our Fairfield County Council members need to be transparent and show our citizens that they have a real plan for office space for our county workers, not a hypothetical one.

Shirley Green


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