Letter: New Crickentree Bylaws are Unfair

How chilling to know that our Crickentree HOA Board wants the responsible owners to give up their voting power to the Irresponsible owners – those who are up to 90 days behind in their dues. Why would anyone want their neighborhood decisions to be controlled by delinquent homeowners?  I understand this is part of a […]

Letter: Councilmen respond to Ross’s Letter

Mr. Ross, Thank you for reaching out to Council to express your displeasure with Council’s decision that was made regarding the Chamber’s funding request.  It is clear that you remain vested in the town’s business and retain the same passion and drive that you displayed when you were serving as mayor.  As citizens, we thank […]

Letters: McKie illegally seated

According to South Carolina Code of Laws, Amelia McKie was not eligible to be sworn in as a Richland 2 School Board member for the term 2018-2022. The election was Nov. 6, 2018, and she was sworn in on Nov. 13, 2018. (Title 8, Chapter 13) Section 8-13-1110 (A) “No public official … designated in […]

Letters: My Humble Reply to NPR

My response to the recent program aired by NPR about the third anniversary of the closing of Winnsboro’s Wal-Mart store. Fortunately, Fairfield choose to hold a county revival rather than a Wal-Mart-closing wake. Clearly, the Wal-Mart closing and the VC Summer fiasco served as wake up calls to the county. I’m happy to report that […]

Letters: McKie Thumbs Her Nose

The proposed board policy addressing removal from office was motivated by the failures of Board Chairwoman Amelia McKie. She failed to file numerous required documents with the S.C. Ethics Commission and is thumbing her nose at the Ethics Commission by not making any payment on her fines and penalties. The confrontation that resulted in Elkins-Johnson’s […]

Letters: Census Jobs Available

I am a recruiter for the 2020 Census, employed with the Department of Commerce. We are reaching out to the community in order to reach a goal from applicants who are interested in seeking a temporary, part or full time job or career. There are opportunities after the census to qualify for permanent Federal government […]

Letter: JWC Must Join Water Authority

The Jenkinsville Water Company’s annual meeting last week was disappointing. More than 800 JWC members and their families have no say in the company. The JWC Board supposedly acquired a loan for $800,000 to put in a new well with the same old deteriorating system in place –risking big money on a small, failing unproductive […]

Letter: Show Fairfield Respect

Note to out-of-county media – I have grown weary of you using error-filled and sensationalized articles to portray Fairfield County as some sort of pathetic and helpless victim. The State’s story, ‘Nobody deserves a Christmas more than Fairfield County,’ (Dec. 18, 2018 issue) was no exception in a long line of outside media stories belittling […]

Letters: Candidate Announces

I am proud to announce my candidacy for Fairfield County Council representative, District 7. I will run a positive campaign focused on the economic continuity of families and children, improving our public schools, stabilizing our jobs market, and positioning Historic Winnsboro in South Carolina’s billion-dollar hospitality and tourism industry.  I am present to fulfill the […]

Letter: R2 Uses Smoke & Mirrors

I attended a presentation a few weeks ago to learn more about the proposed bond referendum for Richland Two. It is my understanding that Richland Two is requesting two separate votes for a total of $468 million dollars, calling it a referendum for mostly security items. I want safe schools like everyone in South Carolina. I was […]

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