Letter: MaryGail Douglas was one of 7 who voted against SCANA

A mailer was received in mailboxes yesterday throughout District 41 stating that I, “was one of only 7 legislators who voted to continue paying corrupt SCANA executives out of our utility bills.” As you already know, I count it an honor and privilege to serve the citizens of District 41. I look forward to continuing that service. Accept this as my response to the mailer.

I was one of the 7 legislators who voted on a bill to REDUCE the amount that ratepayers are currently paying to SCANA. Let me explain.

SCANA ratepayers are now paying 18% or $1,000,000 (one MILLION) per day for the failed nuclear plant.

In April, a proposal came from the Senate to the House floor to reduce this percentage to 5% or to approximately $30,000 per day instead of the $1,000,000 per day. I voted with six others for the reduction and, that reduced amount was quite sizable to SCANA’s monthly cash flow. You do the math.

To think that ratepayers will ever recover all of the money that has gone into this failed project is not reasonable thinking. It may sound good in a political ad to say that, but that is not reality. Nevertheless, the majority in The House voted to continue allowing the $1,000,000 rate charge. As a result, you as ratepayers will continue to pay this 18% or $1,000,000 (one million) PER DAY charge indefinitely. Had the rest of the House joined us 7, you would now only be paying $30,000 per day.

I would vote the same way again to save money on utility bills for people throughout this state. My vote was a vote AGAINST SCANA. If the 6,000 who supposedly paid for the mailer had read the proposal, they would have figured out that MY vote was AGAINST SCANA and FOR the people of South Carolina.

If you would like to ask about campaign contributions made to me; I invite you to call.

It is concerning that the mailer has an address at 199 Maple St., Winnsboro. The property at that address is owned by Ion Performance Fiber. It is of interest who used that address which appears to be an entrance gate to an industrial building.

The Post Office is working to locate the holder of the mailer’s permit #706. Let all of this rest where it belongs. And we sometimes wonder why honest people with integrity will not step up and run for public office? This is a prime example.

In closing, my opponent expressed to me early on that there would be no negative campaigning. I certainly hope that is still the case. Will somebody from the 6,000 unemployed citizens who paid for the ad please give me a call at 803-635-9292.

Again, I appreciate the continued support of my constituents and look forward to hearing from you when you go to the polls on June 12. Please vote.

With Kindest Regards

MaryGail Douglas

56 Kabbad Rd.

Winnsboro, S.C. 29180


  1. Randy Bright says

    This mailer has all the earmarks of a cheap attempt at disinformation- lack of transparency of authorship,lack of supporting documentation, an apparent bogus address, and a boat load of inane meaness.

  2. Mike Roof says

    The content of this flyer is no surprise given the track record of the opponent.

  3. Carol M Bass says

    As a citizen of Fairfield County, I know Mary Gail, to be an honest person. Keep on in faith that the truth will win.

  4. Grey Brendle says

    It probably would have been better if Mrs. Douglas had addressed contributions here rather than have people “call me if they want to know about contributions. ”
    Otherwise, it was a good response.

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