Letter: Vote Joe June 12

Joe Mceachern has been a longtime friend to those of us in Blythewood, especially us residents on Rimer Pond Road, LongCreek Plantation, Heins Road area and other areas of the community who have fought zoning issues at the county government level. For the better part of twenty years Joe has stood alongside of what we want to happen in the community we live in.  He has spoken out for us at Richland County Council meetings, Planning Commission meetings and Board of Zoning Appeal meetings. From his time on Richland County Council thru his service in the S C Legislature, Joe has put his own neck on the line with the powers that be and put our concerns above the others who are only looking for their next campaign contribution. He is and has always been a tireless champion of listening to us and fighting for our point of view in shaping the place we live in and love to call home.

I know that in this day and age, fresh and energetic young candidates offering new blood is appealing. They are inspired and full of solutions. However, a proven track record and leadership that meets with us and listens to us is hard to argue with. Joe has the battle scars to prove that he is a true public servant. For these reasons I hope you will take time out to vote for Joe in the Democratic primary on Tuesday June 12, I know I will. He’s good for Blythewood.

Michael A. Watts


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