Randal Sisk arrested for animal cruelty

WINNSBORO – A Winnsboro man has been arrested after a Winnsboro Department of Public Safety (WDPS) officer reported two dogs in a back yard on Hillcrest chained to a tree and tangled in the chain so that one of the dogs could not reach shade. The report also stated that the dogs did not have food, water or shelter.


Randal Flay Sisk, 57, owner of the dogs, was charged with animal cruelty. Sisk, who was not at home at the time the dogs were discovered at about 10:30 a.m. on Thursday, June 12, turned himself in to authorities at about 1:30 p.m. that day.

The Fairfield County Sheriff’s Department and Fairfield County Animal Control were contacted, and Animal Control took both dogs to the county shelter.

One of the dogs, a tan and white male mixed breed, was clipped to a cable on an overhead run in Sisk’s back yard, the report states. A black male mixed breed dog was not wearing a collar, but was secured to the overhead run by a chain tied around its neck.

After examining both dogs, Veterinarian Dr. Robert Chappell, reported that the tan dog suffered from chronic severe dermatitis (mange) and needed immediate medical treatment, including flea and tick treatment, antibiotics and antifungal treatments.

Sisk was booked at the Fairfield County Detention Center and released on a $1,000 bond.

A spokesperson for the animal shelter said the dogs will be held at the shelter until the case is dispensed.


  1. Jc Lott says

    To small of fine, animal cruelty will never improve until the laws are changed. There’s nothing to prevent him from doing this again. Larger fines, mandatory ksil of at least 365 days no parole then public service a local dog shelters cleaning kennel runs and really.thats still not enough.

  2. Mary Manz says

    It needs to be considered just as vhild abuse. A living thing deserves descent treatment and care. Its a matter of respect for any living thing. This is very sad.

  3. I say keep Sisk chained and clipped to a cable with no shade/water or food and let him get infested with fleas and ticks, oh and THEN fine him and let him serve a lengthy jail sentence

  4. Frances Miles says

    Disgraceful treatment of animals should be punishable with SEVERE penalties to deter repeat offenders!

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