Letters: Be Safe, Vote Bond

I am writing this letter to express my support of the Richland 2 bond referendum because of the safety and security improvements that are the base of the bond.

I am an active parent in the Richland 2 School District and have 4 children currently enrolled in Richland 2 schools. I have spent countless hours volunteering in my children’s’ classrooms, the school media center, with PTO and SIC, and with various other activities throughout the school. I have observed firsthand the amazing efficiency of the school staff during lockdown drills as I happened to be volunteering during one these drills. I have immense faith in the knowledge, skills, and thoroughness of the staff. It is my hope and prayer that the school never has to implement one of these lock down procedures. However, I have also noticed a number of safety concerns regarding facilities and the structure of the school. Additionally, things like HVAC systems and roofs that are also vital to our student’s safety, must be updated and/or replaced.

When my husband and I moved to the Midlands in 2013, we specifically chose to live in the Northeast because of the high-caliber education, extensive magnet choices, and numerous extracurricular opportunities offered in the Richland 2 school district. I support this bond because it will keep Richland 2 the premier district we chose for our children’s education.


Sarah Venn

Richland 2 Parent

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