Letter: The Rumor Isn’t True

I am running for re-election in County Council District 2, and as I am out talking with my constituents I have been surprised when some have said they were told I am was involved in making the decision to locate the Mitford Recreation Center in its current location between Districts 2 and 3. I had […]

Letter: It’s Time to Stand Tall

“Stand tall for South Carolina. Stand tall for our Palmetto State.” My grandmother (Nelle McMaster Sprott) wrote those words and the music to this song almost 70 years ago right here in Fairfield County. I grew up singing about and loving our state because of my grandmother’s deep devotion to this place we call home. […]

Letter: First Masks, What next?

Perhaps the entire editorial board of “The State” newspaper is more interested in control of our population rather than the prevention of disease. I say this due to the strange out-of-control fury in which “The State” advocates for the Government of South Carolina to begin “telling South Carolinians what’s expected of them – to wear […]

Letter: Let Me Breathe

When you look at black people, what do you see?  Do you see a reason to clench your purse in fear or lock your car doors?  Do you presume to get in front of them at the check-out line or call the authorities to “put them in their place”?  Do you relish black culture but […]

Letter: Congrats Grads!

Congratulations to the Class of 2020. Not only have you made it through 12 years of school, but you are finishing the last few months with grace and courage in the midst of a pandemic. No one could have known what you would be facing in your last few months of high school, what important […]

Letter: Time to Bench Joyce

On June 9th, residents of Richland County will have an opportunity to decide if they want to score a win for their communities. They will have an opportunity to put Joyce Dickerson on the bench and put Derek Pugh on the team, by electing him to represent District 2 of Richland County Council. “The Capitals […]

Letter: Jackson Always Votes BW!

As we ponder who we want to give our vote to in the Democratic primary on Tuesday, I think it matters a great deal to know something of the person and character of those on the ballot. I think myself fortunate to have served the Town of Blythewood on the planning commission and as a […]

Letter: Looking for Improvement

This is an election year. Where is the accountability… who do we hold accountable? When was the last time the county held a town hall meeting? When was the last time the county put themselves out for public questioning? When was the last time you saw a survey in this paper or online? For the […]

Letter: County Budget Mostly Good

Fairfield’s budget process has hit many high notes and some sour ones to date. On the positive side, there will not be any base millage rate increases. Also on the positive side, our Council has demonstrated prudent fiscal restraint on the most extreme requests such as the inane pitch for a $400K non-essential building/monument. Additionally, […]

Letter: R2 Zaps Public Comment

The Richland 2 School Board stuck it to the voters, taxpayers, parents, staff and students on May 12, when it voted to suspend Board Policy BEDH – Public Participation at Meetings. Not suspend it temporarily, as Amelia McKie explained. There was no “temporarily” about it. They voted 6-1 to suspend it. That means it is […]