Letter: Scrap the 21 Mile Septic System

We need to scrap Mr. Bell’s vision of a 21-mile septic system due to its sensory, environmental and financial impact. The system will have to be built somewhere between roughly Highway 213 and the county line with Richland County, which makes the Little River watershed the most likely area of construction. First,  all the many […]

Letter: Crickentree Board Received Bad Advice

It’s spring so naturally our thoughts drift toward sprucing up the neighborhood. But when the Crickentree HOA Board met on 3/9 to consider a $27,000 landscaping project the topic was handled poorly. The Treasurer announced that there was insufficient money left in the annual Budget and that approving the project would “blow the Budget out […]

Letter: No Racism in Dawkins

I want to address the current claim of racial divide in Dawkins. I have lived here for the past two decades. We were one of the first white families to move here. I thought I should address the recent hate letter sent to some of my neighbors. Regardless of who sent this hate letter I […]

Letter: Disappointed, Not Surprised

I’ve been following Fairfield County Politics for three decades now, and while I’m seldom surprised by decisions made in council chambers, I’m often disappointed. The recent decision by county council to offer our current administrator a five month contract extension has managed to do both – surprise and disappoint. As a former county employee in […]

Letter: The Good, Bad and Ugly

I have a couple of observations to share about Fairfield County Council’s Monday night meeting, and all of them beg the question: ‘What were our council members thinking to offer County Administrator only a 5-month contract? After all, Taylor is the architect of the current and outstanding improvements being made in the county. That great […]

Letter: Improvement Needed

Congratulations to all Fairfield County Council members, new and old. Their initial meeting, however, was a rough start for the new council. We cannot afford any more unproductive meetings where the two prime agenda items are postponed due to lack preparation. We do thank those three council members who were prepped and ready to move […]

Letter: Thank You!

I thank God for allowing me to serve in “His ministry” in such an awesome manner. Thank you to all family, friends and neighbors for your support and vote in both elections. Together, God has allowed us to accomplish and move forward more in four years than we could ever imagine. To Billy Smith our […]

Letter: Keep Joe Wilson & the military

I have known Congressman Joe Wilson for more than twenty years. Joe is a proven leader for the Second Congressional District. He has a keen understanding and passion for military personnel and their families having served in the military and currently serving on the U.S. House Armed Services Committee. In a state that is home […]

Letter: Harrison is Not Moderate

The DNC is trying to package Jamie Harrison as a nice guy/moderate. While he seems like a nice guy, South Carolinians deserve to know the whole truth. Jaime Harrison is not a moderate. He is a member of the liberal Democratic Party that is working to destroy American values across the nation. You may not […]

Letter: The Rumor Isn’t True

I am running for re-election in County Council District 2, and as I am out talking with my constituents I have been surprised when some have said they were told I am was involved in making the decision to locate the Mitford Recreation Center in its current location between Districts 2 and 3. I had […]