Letter: Looking for Improvement

This is an election year. Where is the accountability… who do we hold accountable? When was the last time the county held a town hall meeting? When was the last time the county put themselves out for public questioning? When was the last time you saw a survey in this paper or online? For the […]

Letter: County Budget Mostly Good

Fairfield’s budget process has hit many high notes and some sour ones to date. On the positive side, there will not be any base millage rate increases. Also on the positive side, our Council has demonstrated prudent fiscal restraint on the most extreme requests such as the inane pitch for a $400K non-essential building/monument. Additionally, […]

Letter: R2 Zaps Public Comment

The Richland 2 School Board stuck it to the voters, taxpayers, parents, staff and students on May 12, when it voted to suspend Board Policy BEDH – Public Participation at Meetings. Not suspend it temporarily, as Amelia McKie explained. There was no “temporarily” about it. They voted 6-1 to suspend it. That means it is […]

Letter: Vote Integrity for Senate

Republicans in Fairfield, Chester, and York Counties, I ask you to vote for MaryGail Douglas in the democratic primary on June 9th! Why would the Fairfield County Republican Party Executive Committeeman ask you to vote in the democratic primary? We simply have to vote out Liberal Democrat State Senator Mike Fanning.   Fanning demonstrated questionable behavior […]

Letter: Let’s Vote

Eureka! The Chester Election Commission has provided us with wonderful news. The Commission’s recent election fillings indicate we can now have a State Senator who values achievements over showmanship. Furthermore, we can now elect a State Senator who will work with other state legislators to sponsor and pass real legislation which actually does something to […]

Letter: WWTP Threatens Creek

My ancestors can be traced to Fairfield County more than 100 years back. I came here 20 years ago to get away from “the city” and urban sprawl. I feel that I belong here and I want to stay here. I would like to know that decision is because I choose to stay not because […]

Letter: Say No to R2 Super’s Gig

The published agenda for the Feb. 11 R2 School Board meeting included a request to change the March 24 meeting to March 31 to accommodate a request from the Digital League of Innovative Schools and the Compton Unified School District. “These organizations have asked [Superintendent] Dr. Davis to present on the equity initiatives underway in […]

Letter: Residents Misunderstood

The Fairfield County Council meeting last night (1/13/20) was quite a good show. Neighbors from Center Creek Community misunderstood the Resolution. We voted to pass the Resolution so we could have money to purchase property in the Southeastern part of Fairfield County. It was not a vote to purchase the Syrup Mill Road property. We […]

Letter: WHS Pride Soars

I was really disappointed and hurt when I read the headline of the article about SAT scores (BHS shines, WHS lags on SAT,AP) in the Thursday, October 17 issue of The Voice. To see our school described in such a negative way made me sad for our kids and teachers who work so hard. My […]

Letter: Keep Voice of Citizens

I read recently in The Voice that our County Council has voted to revoke the (2nd) second citizen’s comment portion, of voicing their thoughts publicly. It appears to me that the voice of the people in Fairfield County no longer counts. I’ve lived in this county my entire life. My family has been here generations. […]