Letter: Show Fairfield Respect

Note to out-of-county media – I have grown weary of you using error-filled and sensationalized articles to portray Fairfield County as some sort of pathetic and helpless victim.

The State’s story, ‘Nobody deserves a Christmas more than Fairfield County,’ (Dec. 18, 2018 issue) was no exception in a long line of outside media stories belittling our county.

Spotlighting Fairfield’s two recent grand milestones – a prize manufacturing company coming to the county and the opening of a state-of-the-art emergency room in Winnsboro – should have been good enough. However, The State just had to poke the stick in the eye with insipid phrases like, “We’re not dead yet” (implying our collective death is still imminent.)

The article’s most egregious error, however, was implying the county owns and is marketing the Fairfield Memorial Hospital building. Wrong! The county has NEVER owned the hospital building. The FMH board owns and is marketing the building with Columbia’s renowned ROI Commercial real estate company.

Mucking up the facts can confuse potential buyers and possibly delay any potential sale. But, hey, let’s look at the bright side. That muck-up could provide even more fodder to push our ‘woeful’ tale.

Yes, Fairfield has its challenges, as do all counties.

However, inaccurate and inane articles from outside media only serve to compound those challenges.

Hey, outside media, how about getting the stories on Fairfield County right, completely right, for a change?


Randy Bright


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