Letters: A Good Friend Gone

A very good friend of mine, Reed Bryan, died two weeks ago and was buried on Saturday. He was not a Saint and I was not a Saint right along with him.

This tale was offered at his funeral. He owned a 60‘ Shrimp Boat for years. Shrimping was his profession until he decided to go back to Santee Co-op and was the crew chief of a special bunch of men that traveled all over the U.S. to help with disasters.

It takes a special man to become a Marine. While in training, the drill Instructors tried to teach him how to swim. He said they threw him in about a hundred times, only to have to dive in and bring him back up. He became a Marine but never learned to swim.

One of his friends got on to Reed about never learning to swim while owning a Shrimp Boat. His remark was, “I can climb a 65‘ pole and I can’t fly.

The world will not be the same without him.

Jimmy Ray Douglas


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