Letters: McKie Thumbs Her Nose

The proposed board policy addressing removal from office was motivated by the failures of Board Chairwoman Amelia McKie. She failed to file numerous required documents with the S.C. Ethics Commission and is thumbing her nose at the Ethics Commission by not making any payment on her fines and penalties. The confrontation that resulted in Elkins-Johnson’s arrest has not been clearly reported by the media; actions and/or remarks that provoked Elkins-Johnson will, no doubt, be revealed at the trial.

Board members Shadd, Holmes and Caution-Parker blinked. Each should have voted FOR the proposed policy. Shadd, an attorney, knows full well what “for cause” means. Holmes’ comment is worthless. Caution-Parker added “smoke” in the room with her “mob mentality” comment. McKie voted against it because it was aimed at her; she should have recused herself, although that would not have allowed the proposal to pass.

Gus Philpott


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